Wednesday, 4 May 2016

"Officially" Stolen Children.

      Wars never really end on the dates marked in the history books, the suffering, misery, deaths and torture, survives many years after the "official" end of any war. The Spanish civil war was no different, 1939 did not see peace and tranquillity reign across Spain, Franco and his obedient ranks of vermin seen to that. After 1939, children of republicans increasingly became victims of the fascist regime, with the blessing of the Catholic Church.
The lost children of Francoism were the children abducted from Republican parents, who were either in jail or had been assassinated by Francoist troops, during the Spanish Civil War and Francoist Spain.[1] The number of abducted children is estimated to be up to 300,000.[2][3] The kidnapped children were sometimes also victims of child trafficking and illegal adoption.[4]
       This short film helps to convey the misery which continues to this day, that this practice heaped on children and whole families. Published April 29, 2016.

La Infancia Aniquilada
        Instantáneas fugaces de cuando los franquistas y los poderosos a los que servían robaron entre 1936 y 1978 a los niños republicanos españoles su tesoro más preciado, la Infancia, y por siempre y para siempre sembraron sus vidas de miedo. Y de terror...
Rough translation: 

The Annihilated Childhood.
          Fleeting Snapshots of when the Franco supporters and the powerful ones which they were serving stole between 1936 and 1978 republican Spanish children of their most valued treasure, their childhood, and forever and forever sowed their lives with fear. And of terror…
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  1. Franco spared no means in its efforts to crush any opposition to his bloody dictatorship. There are still many dead buried in mass graves in the fields and roads. In one of those graves lies the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, whose body has not been found because successive Spanish governments, heirs of Franco, have not had the slightest intention to rescue him, neither he nor the more than one hundred thousand victims of fascism, who fought to defend the legitimate Republic against a coup that cut off any possibility of freedom and genuine progress in this beleaguered country. Meanwhile, the governments of France, Britain, Italy and Germany, along with the North American vampire, shockingly looked the other way. And no wonder, because what Spain was brewing was a revolution that would endanger the immense power of the oligarchy, the Church and the aristocracy: Bad example, that the European bourgeoisie and its puppet crowned could not afford. They preferred to deal with the dictator to stand part of the Iberian selfless people. Such hypocrisy continues to this day: justice still ignoring the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Franco dictatorship.