Tuesday, 10 May 2016

We Eat Austerity, And Send Our Wealth To The Banks.

        Having been a regular visitor to Greece over the years, and enjoyed the pleasantries of that country and the generosity of its people, I have watched the people of Greece being cruelly sacrificed on the altar of big finance, and my mind can’t help revisit the present problems faced by the people of Greece. The general perception by the people of the rest of Europe is that we have generously pour billions into that country and they are still in a mess. Of course the truth is far removed from that piece of chicanery and illusion. What we should all be aware of is that the “rescue packages”, were really designed to save the private investors and the banks, the people of Greece don’t come into the equation. According to research done by the European School of Management and Technology, of the first two aid packages amounting to more than €215 billion, a mere €9.5 billion went to assist the people of Greece, the remainder went to interest payments and to service old debts, in other words, it went back to the banks. 
         Greece is no longer a sovereign country, its so called socialist government is merely there to implement the dictate of the financial Mafia, the Troika, (EC, European Commission, ECB, European Central Bank, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers) and they are determined to gut and clean out any assets left in that country and in the process totally destroy the already shattered social welfare structure of Greece.
        Even in the “refugee crisis”, Greece has been left to sort it out by itself. While Turkey got a deal of €6 billion to tidy them through, Greece got bus loads of advisers to help them stream line the paper work and processing of that tragic army of desperate people landing on the shores of Greece in their hundreds of thousands. 
       Yet we have that member of the financial Mafia, Wolfgang Schauble, German finance Minister, stating, “we were very generous with Greece.”, helping to weave the cruel illusion that the problem is really all about the nasty, lazy, inefficient, bad managers that is Greece.
          Greece is the perfect example of how the financial system that controls our lives, is hell bent on attempting to secure its debt laden banking system at the expense of the welfare of the people. For the same reason, all our welfare systems are under attack, the financial Mafia will continue to push for more and more “austerity” which translates as, “send all the money to the banks” to prop up the phoney crumbling house of cards. 
        Let’s look at Greece in honest detail and ask, why do we tolerate such a vicious, unjust, corrupt system that openly only benefits the pampered parasites who are looting the earth at everybody’s expense. If you say you want justice, then you have to say, you want an end to the capitalist system. 

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