Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Stimulation Without Gratification, Creates Insanity.

         Our advertising world portray our society is a sexual society, but a perverse sexual society, everything comes advertised with sexual overtones, from alcohol to coffee, from clothes to cars, all come with a hint of sexual stimulation, but never any form of sexual gratification. To our advertising world, women are sexual tools to sell products, and men are made to look “sexy”, but it is all a hands off sexual world, always stimulation, never gratification. That gratification has to take place in the shadows, where the phoney stimulation's promise can never quite materialise, and often manifests itself in sexual abuse. From a very early age, that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, encourages young girls to look “pretty”, be attractive to men is the desired aim. Women, more than not, are portrayed as an attractive appendage to some successful male, the road to success for women is then seen as to be “attractive” and find a successful male. Any wonder that women are used and abused, the whole value structure is wrong. Nowhere in this phone world of empty sexual stimulation is there any hint of a real world of people as equals, with desires outside “looking attractive” and falling into the capitalist definition of "being successful". In this capitalist society, the world of advertising creates a world of manufactured desires, a world of  frustration and insanity.
 Guess what we are advertising??

Naked, Drunk, or isolated, We Are Not Prey. 
       The hammers that this time aimed for windows – like they can aim for heads – arm our rage towards all those who reinforce this rape culture. This action is more of a stride in the never-ending path of our freedom from all oppressions. We clearly never repeat it enough; sexual assaults are not the isolated act of a dangerous individual who watches from an alley-way corner – but actually – if not a weapon, its often the threats and the correctional punishment, for all women who have taken part in rebellion in their life, or simply searching to exit the cage that is patriarchy. And its always the reflection of a world that envisages women as objects to submit.
     The media instrumentalises us to distil fear, in creating a need for security which should be urgently met, with ever more control over our lives, cameras, DNA profiling. They don’t seek to protect us, this discourse is to lure us in, to increase their domination.
      We don’t want to delegate our protection, but try to organise to defend ourselves, and attacking is one way to do that.
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  1. I think this article may interest you (As you say: "Workers know your history")

    The Ludlow Massacre
    A Bicentennial moment With American Miners


    1. Hi Loam,
      thought this poem would go with your Ludlow massacre article.

      The hills are very bare and cold and lonely;
      I wonder what the future months will bring,
      The strike is on - - - -our strength would win, if only - - -
      O, Buddy, how I’m longing for the spring!

      They’ve got us down - - -their martial lines enfold us;
      They’ve thown us out to feel the winter’s sting,
      And yet, by God, those curs can never hold us,
      Nor could the dogs ofhell do such a thing!

      It isn’t just to see the hills beside me
      Grow fresh and green with every growing thing;
      I only want the leaves to come and hide me,
      To cover up my vengeful wandering.

      I will not watch the floating clouds that hover
      Above the birds that warble on the wing;
      I want to use this gun from under cover - - -
      O, Buddy, how I’m longing for the spring!

      You see them there, below, the damned scab-herders!
      Those puppets on the greedy Owner’s String:
      We’ll make them pay for all their dirty murders - - -
      We’’ show them how a starvling’s hate can sting.

      They riddled us with volley after volley;
      We heard their speeding bullets zip and ring,
      But soon we’ll make them suffer for their folly - - -
      O, Buddy, how I long for the spring!
      Written by a Paint Creek Miner, during the terrible strike of 1911-1912.

    2. Thanks for the contribution, comrade.
      Poem included!

    3. I have found that you had already published an article about these painful events. Well, now it will also reach Spanish speakers.