Friday, 20 May 2016

"We Ask For Nothing, We Are Taking It All".

        Only those unfortunate souls who glean their information from the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, see the system as working fine, but with odd and rare blips of some sort of “crisis”. They live in the smoke and mirrors of the propaganda fog produced by that mouth piece of the system, that wonderful illusion creating machine they call “The Media”. Cast your eyes towards the real world, and you see a different picture. You see poverty, deprivation, brutal wars, and state violence, a world awash with inequality and injustice, you also see a system in its death throes. However, you also see resistance, resistance to this continuous exploitation of the many by the few. Across the globe people are rising up and not demanding change, but creating change, you can’t demand freedom from a system that is built on, and can’t survive, without power and authority, you have to take it. There can be no compromise between capitalism and justice, the are totally incompatible.
        From Russia to Canada, from Norway to Mexico, people are waking up to the fact that they hold the power, all they have to do is use that power, they now realise that capitalism is not the only game in town, it was not created in tablets of stone by some deity, it was man made, and can be man destroyed, for people to have justice and freedom, capitalism must go. However, the beast will not go quietly, it will not relinquish its power and privileges without a fight, it will use every dirty trick in the book backed up with raw brutal force. That's the price of justice and freedom.
         These last two months (March-April) the streets of major cities in France have been transformed into fields of resistance, where mass protests and clashes are taking place in the framework of the general strikes which are against the new labour legislation of the government. Barricades, luxury cars and police cars burnt, cops and undercovers beaten, banks smashed, people masked up with stones in their hands, are some of the images that prove to us that in every corner of the earth the war against the state and capital still rages and that nothing is over…
       “We ask for nothing, we are taking it all”, “No insurrection without fire”, “Destroy wage slavery” etc, are some of the chants from the black bloc and the anarchist groups that clash and express their
refusals in the street. As was expected, all that’s taking place could not be without the labour leaders and reformists who speak of provocateurs, liken the black bloc with the fascists, condemn the violent practices against the state and at the same time have relations with the police. Because, fortunately or unfortunately, pacifists and deniers of violence – whose existence clearly favors the rulers – are a global phenomenon. The time is near when they will get what they deserve.
          At the same time, the forces of oppression use plenty of teargas, brutally beat protesters and arrest people. In a nutshell, they do everything under the orders of their superiors in order for them to protect their bosses and the peaceful citizens-subjects. It is more than obvious now that the economy is collapsing, resulting in it showing its real face: Hunger wages combined with wretched working conditions, that contribute to an inhumane middle ages-like work environment, where the worker is the modern slave on the production line. At the same time, repression intensifies and strengthens, in order for the police-state in the streets to become a daily routine and for whoever seeks the attack on the world of authority to hesitate to take action.
End the false dilemmas. Whoever chooses inactivity, chooses their chains. The moment is now, the place is here. From the streets of France to the alleyways of Chile, from the mountains of Mexico to the avenues of Athens. The whole world is a field of unrest! 
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