Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Illusion Of Freedom.

        Free movement, welfare constructed, democratic Europe shows it true colours, with the raising of border fences, increased military style policing, and massive austerity, chopping away at the welfare system. Where now the free movement of people that was trumpeted from the marble halls of power? United Europe is fragmenting, nationalism is on the rise, fascism shows its ugly face in ever greater numbers. What this proves is that the whole edifice was an illusion created to suit the corporate world and can just as easily be demolished when it suits the powers that be. 
           If we want a free movement Europe, then we have to get rid of the nation states and the capitalist system. As long as nation states, big money and corporatism are welded together in a festering marriage, we will have rules laid down and torn up at their bidding and in their interest.
        Solidarity and complicity with the comrades arrested in Brenner.
Apocalyptic scenarios of a fascist future, right-wing forces taking hold in Europe, walls being erected and borders being closed, deportations and detention camps.
       The leaders of global capitalism are about to close the Brenner pass in order to stop the transit of human beings. People must be stopped even at the cost of contradicting the constitutional principles of the EU itself, as it crumbles in the face of the first wave of migration.
We knew very well what we were in for on 7th May, on the demo ‘Destroy the borders in Brenner and everywhere’; we knew perfectly well what it meant to march in an unauthorized demo through a 370-metre wide pass from mountain to mountain. We knew very well that the geography of the place was against us.
        We knew all this but we also knew that if in a future made of fences, barbed wire and walls someone were to ask us: ‘Where were you when they were building up the umpteenth wall in Europe?’ we would be able to say that we were trying to knock it down, throwing the first stones in continuation with the trajectories of solidarity and struggle along with migrants that began in Monza and support to the No Border mobilizations and practices from Ventimiglia to Calais.
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