Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Phoney Legal System.

         American imperialism adapts to different situations, from the military overthrow and dirty guerilla wars, in South America, they have now moved to the phoney, "legal process", whereby presidents are removed to suit the American neo-liberal ideology. Anything remotely "leftwing", is seen as a threat, a hindrance to the plundering of that continent, and so must be removed, one way or the other. The result is still the same, turmoil and poverty for the people, and more avenues opened up for the big corporations to loot to their hearts content. The latest Legal removal of a head of state to suit that American ideology, being Dilma Rousseff, no saint, but she did fight the previous military dictatorship and suffer torture and imprisonment for her trouble, now being removed and impeached. She is not alone, others have been removed in similar circumstance to suit the American agenda of looting and plundering the South American continent. However, the people are fighting back and fighting hard.
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