Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Squats Are The Seeds Of The World We Desire.

         Extract from an article in Athens Indymedia, on the importance of the squats in the anarchist movement, Fuck Nations, Squat The World.
K*Vox occupied social centre Exarcheia, Athens.

         As far as we are concerned, squatting is a point of reference, since it’s where we lay our offensive goals and organize our resistance against every form of authority. Attacks against squats are an intertemporal practice for both the state and various fascists groups. Lately these kinds of attacks have been rather frequent and under various forms. Key role in this holds the state and its institutions which under the pretense of utilizing public property is constantly making threats of evacuations just like it happened in the case of “Squat 111” or “Squat Orphanage” or even making true of the aforementioned threats as in the case of “Centaur Squat” which was literally demolished. We should also keep in mind the cases of “Acta et Verba” in Giannena, as well as “Dougrou” in Larisa (in the first ever squatting attempt) which where both evacuated. However, lately the attacks that have taken place against squats come mostly from fascist groups operating under cover of the state. The planting of an explosive device in “Kouvelou Squat”, the  invasion in “Elaia”, the incendiary attacks in “Agros”, the double incendiary attacks in “Vancouver Squat”, in “Zaimi Squat”, in “Terra Incognita Squat”, the attack in “Analipsi Squat” and in “Strouga Squat” and even the attacks against the occupied social center “K*VOX”. Those attacks may have been complete and utter failure, proving once more the stupidity of such fascist scum, but this failure is not meant to reassure us, but instead to provide us with a chance to attack those that have been attacking us. With the latest examples being the state oppression against squat and self managing solidarity infrastructures alike.
-          In 19/4 early in the morning police invaded the solidarity with immigrants infrastructure in Chios “Soli – Café” arresting immigrants and those expressing their solidarity alike. Moreover 3 days later they set the place on fire as well.
-          In 20/4 in “No border camp” in Mytilini an evacuation of the camp took place. 384 immigrants were arrested and led to the Moria detainment facility while 19 individuals who were expressing their solidarity were detained in the local police station for a couple of hours before finally being released.
-          In 21/4 cops invaded and evacuated squat “Persiadou 8”. Three arrests were made for minor offenses concerning damage, disturbance of domestic peace and illegally reinstating electrical power.
-          In 22/4 in the morning hours, police forces evacuated squat “Turtle Corner” in Thessaloniki.
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