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Workers Know Your History, Gaetano Bresci.

      May 22nd. 1901, Gaetano Bresci was found dead in his prison cell, it has never been agreed whither he committed suicide or was murdered by his guards. Bresci was in prison for assassinating King Umberto 1 of Italy, shortly after the massacre of more than 90 demonstrators out side the palace. 

From Wikipedia:
          In 1898, high bread prices led to demonstrations all over Italy. In Milan, an unarmed crowd of protestors marched toward the palace, which was surrounded by a strong military force under the command of General Fiorenzo Bava-Beccaris. The crowd ignored the order to disperse, whereupon Bava-Beccaris gave the signal to fire with muskets and cannons, resulting in a massacre of the demonstrators, in which more than ninety people died.
Umberto I's killing
         King Umberto later decorated Bava-Beccaris, complimenting him upon his "brave defense of the royal house" — as a result of which Bresci became determined to kill the king. Bresci had his loan to the paper returned (without telling his comrades why), and with the money he went to Italy. In Monza, where the king was visiting on July 29, 1900, he shot him four times with a five-shot .32 revolver. A monument, the Cappella Espiatoria, has been erected in the exact spot the king was murdered.[3]
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