Monday, 9 May 2016

I Saw The Sun!!!!

       Our weather has seen fit to take pity on us sun starved Scots. The last few days have been wonderful, and it looks set to continue for the next week. So Sunday saw me out on by usual territory, around the Campsie Hills area, I cam always get a good plate of lentil soup there.
      It was hot, but yet again, the wind stayed with us, it was an easterly wind and quite strong, but still a great day.
       I believe that Scotland's countryside is so beautiful that it doesn't matter where you point your camera, it's always a pretty picture.

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  1. Today, I Saw The rain! Months without it turn a rainy day into a day of joy, not only for people but for the land, the air, plants and animals.

    And yes, anyone who sees your photos can corroborate what you say about the beautiful Scottish country.

  2. Every event, however far it happens, concerns us all.
    Earth is big in generosity, but too small to accommodate the unbridled capitalist greed.