Saturday, 14 May 2016

We Are Drowning In Hyperbole And Hypocrisy.

        Most people accept that we are now controlled by billionaires, sitting behind closed doors, making decisions that we play no part in, or even hear the discussions, yet they shape our lives. A handful of, usually men, sit and follow ideology and dogma that is designed to increase the power and wealth of their institutions. What we do hear from the mouths of this financial Mafia is hyperbole and hypocrisy, we are supposed to accept, without question, their dictates, though we know that doing so will continually tighten their grip over our lives, and lower or living standards. We are drowning in a sea of hypoerbole and hypocrisy. Since this unaccountable cabal, (EC, Excessively Corrupt, ECB, European Conning Banksters, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers) never allow their deliberations to be made public, it is good to hear quotes of their statements, their arguments, and their ideas, from one who was there. One who for a short while sat among them, discussed and listened to their hypocritical vomiting, and is prepare to repeat in public, some of those statements.
      This film might be a bit on the long side for some, but it is well worth listening to the full discussion and the questions and answers that follow.
A chat between Yanis Varoufakis and Noam Chomsky, May, 26th. 2016.

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