Monday, 16 May 2016

Top Shop Is Bottom Of The Barrel.

       The campaign to get rid of zero hours contracts and force the fast-food industry, among others, to pay a living wage, is certainly hotting up. Regards the fast-food industry, this is an international campaign, with a huge following in America. In the UK, Saturday 14th. May saw protests and demonstrations out side branches of Top Shop across the UK, with London probably being the biggest. Of course asking your bosses for a little more please, is not the full answer, justice in the work place will only come when we get rid of all the Philip Greens and the rest of the parasitical class that screws us day and daily. Justice for working people will only be achieved when we rid ourselves of this exploitative capitalist system. Anything less is just a compromise which can be taken back by the bosses when ever they feel strong enough. You want an end to injustice, you want an end to capitalism. 

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