Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Agricultural Wages Board.

     A wee bit late, but an appeal from Labour Start:

Tomorrow (Tuesday), MPs have a vote on the Government’s plan to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board.
The AWB is the body that sets legal minimum rates of pay and conditions for 150,000 agricultural workers in England and Wales, and is used as a benchmark for thousands more.
Last month, in the House of Lords, the Government pushed through amendments that will completely scrap the AWB – and on Tuesday, our MPs get the final say on it.
The Agricultural Wages Board has existed since the First World War to end rural poverty, and to provide protection for workers who live in precarious communities, where pay is low and the cost of living often high.
Scrapping the AWB will make pay and conditions worse for these workers, and create a race to the bottom in the industry – with farmers undercutting wages, as supermarkets pile on the pressure to cut production costs.
Together, let’s send our MPs a message that we want them to vote no to rural poverty, and no to scrapping the AWB.

Support the IUF and Unite campaigns --

Thank you.

Eric Lee

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