Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Wreckers.

      I think it was Bertrand Russell who said,  "The one thing I regret is my politeness, it stifled my honesty." not verbatim, but near enough. People's politeness often makes them refrain from voicing the truth about those well mannered, nodding donkey's who create so many problems in society. With this in mind, here is today's poem.

The Wreckers.

The well mannered, who

with proper legislation,
legitimise insanety,
through the proper legal channels,
justify injustice,
with the proper religious devotion,
ethnic cleanse,
with the proper academic praise,
magnify the trivia,
with the proper pomp and ceremony,
glorify the mediocre,
with the proper charitable phrase,
ignore the poverty,

are the wreckers, who

with the proper cultured dignity,
create, havoc in their wake.

ann arky's home.

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