Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Big Brother In The Classroom.

       We all know of them, we get taught about them in school, we sometimes use their "gifts". I'm talking about those millionaire/billionaire philanthropists, who after years of screwing people to make their obscene fortunes, decide to hand some back in the way of a "gift". We are supposed to love them and feel grateful as they drop a library here, a park there, or what ever takes their fancy. One that is in the news quite a lot recently is super billionaire Bill Gates. Just the same as the rest, having made his pile from trying to create a monopoly, he now sees himself a some sort of God figure and believes he has the right to interfere in our lives in an array of ventures. His latest venture is to throw $5 billion at a scheme to put cameras in every classroom in America. Just to improve the teaching of course. No way will the system be used by the state, education authorities or the police or any other body, for any other purpose than improving the kids education!!! Big business and the state will jump at the idea, big business because it will love to get its hands on that $5 billion, and there is a lot of money to be made implementing and maintaining the system, and the state which will be delighted at another section of society having there every move monitored, and have the corporate world do it for them. Of course it will be deemed such a success by the powers that be, that it will be rolled out across the Western world. Big Brother is growing bigger.
      Why is it that those people who manage to screw the public and make a fortune, feel it gives them the knowledge, ability, and the right, to jump into areas of other people's lives, that they have neither the knowledge, ability nor right to do so. Simply it is because in this type of society, money equates with power, and power over-rides knowledge, ability and right. Ah, that's capitalism for you.

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