Saturday, 27 April 2013

Defending The Right To Freedom Of Speech.

      Most people know, or should know the poverty and deprivation that has been callously forced onto the ordinary families of Greece. Of course the people of Greece, like people anywhere else, when they are brutally assaulted, fight back. The state, of course, is aware of this and meets this fight back, with an array of methods. First and foremost is propaganda, mislead, confuse, and scapegoat sections of society, divide and rule. When this doesn't do the job then it is the bare-knuckle approach with violent repression, Greece is well down this path. Daily brutality against any organised protest, a free hand to right-wing fascist groups who are there to put fear on the streets. Also the state will deal harshly with any attempt by the people to communicate outside the state blessed institutions, the babbling brook of bullshit, the media is to be your only organ of information. Hence the Greek state has done its damnedest to close down Indymedia Athens and the people organised free radio broadcasts. The free flow of information by the people must be stifled, only the state message is to be heard.
       On April 25th. in Athens there was a massive demonstration against this attempted stifling of the voice of the people. Thousands took to the streets to defend Indymedia Athens and the voice of the people's radio.
     From Contra Info some of the slogans being chanted by the mass demonstration.
‘From Athens to Mexico, create thousands of indymedia sites so that repressors get wiser’
‘Indymedia is a voice from the streets; not one step back in the face of repression’
‘Pirate radios and self-organized spaces inside faculties; the academic asylum belongs to fighters’
‘This is how you do it right: take down the Greek flag and raise a protest banner’ (reference to the 24/4 action at Propylaea)
‘Cybersecurity is not feasible; proletarians/trolletarians have no IP’
‘10, 100, 1000 indymedia sites against a world filled with rotten media’

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