Wednesday, 17 April 2013

If Not Now, When? If Not Us, Who?

       With the conditions of the ordinary people deteriorating at an ever increasing pace, as state after state force through legislation to protect and enhance the wealth and power of the rich, anger simmers. However simmering anger never brings change against repression, and debate with tyranny is futile. Our anger must be a measure of the injustice, and have a direction. Anger without a direction is like a blind archer behind the bow. We know the who and why of our suffering, we mustn't be the blind archers.
    And so to today's poem.

No time to theorise the market economy
no time to mark out the nations boundary
injustice is now,
no time to measure the moon with a measuring tape
no time to catalogue the deeds of the great
injustice is now.

No time to worship purloined power
no time to kneel at the ivory tower
hunger is now,
no time to let illusions swamp the mind
no time to be lead like a host of blind
hunger is now.

It's time to cast your silence to the ground
it's time to use actions your ager found
freedom can be now,
it's time to hold fast to your heart's dictate
it's time to rise in anger against the state
freedom can be now.
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