Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Illusion of Democracy Difts Off Like Smoke in The Breeze.

       Conditions in Greece are deplorable for the ordinary people, thanks to the financial mafia and the Troika having "saved" them, but for immigrants the conditions are made much worse by the constant persecution by the state apparatus and by the violence from the fascists of Golden Dawn. Vicious attacks on immigrants by this fascist organisation go unhindered as the police turn a blind eye, they are also subject to brutal treatment by the police. Now it seems that the Greek state is in collusion with the Turkish state to return political refugees to Turkey, some having fled Turkey ten or more years ago and are now settled in Greece with families and friends. 
     In the recent weeks, Turkish and Kurdish political refugees in Greece are faced with constant prosecutions (arrests, searches at their homes, detentions when they protest in front of the Turkish Embassy). Turkey is activating several extradiction signals, even for refugees who have been in Greece for over a decade, and whose asylum requests are still pending due to the substantially inefficient system of asylum granting.
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       As the days pass the illusion of democracy in Europe drifts off like smoke in a breeze. Governments openly co-operate with the financial mafia in looting the public purse, human rights are violated on a daily basis, and the corporate world at an ever increasing pace, takes control of all public space.
      It doesn't have to be this way, there are alternatives, capitalism is not the only game in town. There is a war going on at the moment, it is one class against another. The corporate financial class is looting and plundering the assets of the ordinary people, who as a class, have the power to reshape our world to a better place for all. Our class make and distribute everything in this world, their class dictate what we make and how we distribute it. Why do we let them, we don't need them, they need us. It is our sweat blood and tears that keep the parasites in their marble halls, while we go cold and hungry, why do we continue to do so?

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