Monday, 15 April 2013

May The 1% Prevail!!

          I have never been happy with the 99% - 1% cry of the occupy movement, I don't think it is that clean a break. The vast majority of the 99% don't really want the 99% to take control of everything, they just want a better say in the running of the stinking system in an attempt to make it "fairer", to guarantee a little cake on the table instead of the perpetual stale bread. Inside that 99% however, there is another 1%, perhaps a little more than that, who have higher hopes and dreams than a benevolent capitalism. They don't see taking over the institutions of a rotten system as any answer at all, to them society has to be refashioned, reshaped to fit the dreams of the just. They will have no truck with the pomp and ceremony of past power and will bury tradition that binds us to inequality. Their tomorrow has no grand plan, it is a continuous metamorphosis that perpetually shapes itself to all our needs. Ask them what their tomorrow will look like and they will reply, "I don't know, it all depends on who walks with me." The important thing is that it is all those involved in our society, that determine the shape of our society with justice and freedom at its heart.
Said in another way: 
"------We know what the real causes of the suffering we endure: the sect of power, the cult of money, but also the obedience that they demand and obtain. These causes are perpetuated in the daily lives of human beings by the actions, gestures, relationships that interweave within a society in which we feel that we are strangers everywhere. And these causes – that have to be refused, deserted, demolished – have found shelter in your movement. We have never felt at home in 99% of our modern life, spent lining up to beg for crumbs, and yet you insist on defending 99% of the problem. We will take our possibilities elsewhere. Through the hopes, dreams and actions that have earned your condemnation. You, you still continue you passage through the ocean of universal indignation. You raise your sails passing the ropes to bureaucrats and police. You share space and air with the scum who have made life on this planet so unlivable. You head straight towards a new tomorrow with the hold still full of yesterday’s shit. We won’t climb onto your ship, in case we would never get off of it. We will stay on our rafts which you so despise, because they are so small and light.
But watch out. A vessel that travels with our enemies on board is an opportunity to fine to miss. Do you laugh? Do you have no fear of us because we don’t have the strength board you? You’ve misunderstood us. We don’t want your gold, we don’t at all want to conquer you, We want to make you sink with all your death cargo. To succeed at this, there is no need for a majestic fleet, one fire-ship is enough. Small and light."
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