Monday, 1 April 2013

Cyprus, Parasites Gambling Casino.

       So the political elite of Cyprus have come up with a wonderful plan to save the south half of the Island. After the financial Mafia confined the ordinary citizens to the pit of poverty with the plundering of their bank accounts, the local political parasites come up with the idea that to encourage gambling casinos to mushroom on the island would save the day, so to this end they are granting them tax breaks. Think of it as a gambling paradise for the rich parasites to sun themselves by day, and fritter away their millions in the evening. Of course the ordinary citizens of the island who have been mugged and robbed by the financial Mafia will only see this transformation through a plate glass window, or as cheap labour, serving coffee and sweeping the floors etc., how wonderful for the locals. Once again the rich have come running to the rescue, turning up to employ them at the minimum wage or less, to pander to the parasites every wish. A millionaires holiday camp built and run on the cheap labour of a mugged population. Isn't capitalism wonderful!!

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