Saturday, 6 April 2013

How To Increase Your Workforce Without Increasing Your Wage Bill.

         Are there any idiots out there who believe that Poundland and Homebase etc., take on unemployed people under the ConDem's workfare scheme simply to help them find a job? I have no doubt across the country's boardrooms the discussions will be around how many they can take on in an attempt to keep down their wage bill. It's great value, a subsidy from the government to their millionaire friends, free labour, slavery with the stamp of legitimacy.
      Continuous demonstrations against this modern day slave labour scheme have been responsible for some companies dropping out of this government gift scheme to their corporate buddies, they don't like the bad publicity, it could damage their profit margins, they want you the public to love them. More needs to be done to kill this scheme dead. However, Homebase have just blown away any illusions that were there, about this being for the benefit of the unemployed.

     Leaked internal document appears to promote the use of unpaid jobseekers to reduce company payroll costs. Homebase has been accused of "vulture" business practices after a leaked internal document appeared to promote the idea of using unpaid jobseekers to keep down company payroll costs. The DIY retailer confirmed that a photo of more than a dozen unemployed jobseekers from the government's work experience programme, captioned, "Would 750 hours with no payroll costs benefit YOUR store?" was produced by company staff for an internal discussion.
Of course you can forget all that crap about it being voluntary
     Jobseekers have been made to do compulsory unpaid work for up to four weeks after refusing to take part in the voluntary work experience scheme. The revelation, supported by documents released through the Freedom of Information Act, calls into question the concessions made to the voluntary programme last month, which removed a two-week benefit sanction imposed on those dropping out of that scheme, as refusal to complete a placement on the compulsory scheme can lead to jobseekers' benefits being stopped for three to six months.
     This is the grand plan, get wages down to sweatshop level, cut all social spending, (reduces big businesses tax bills) and then force those who can't find work into a job for no wages. That way our beloved corporate benefactors will be able to compete with all the other sweatshop economies across the globe. Who can possible object to that plan?
     Day by day it becomes more obvious that this greed driven system called capitalism has nothing to offer the ordinary people, we get screwed on a daily basis by well coiffured, shiny suited, (Boris Johnston excepted) millionaires. How they must laugh when at their sumptuous dinner parties, they sarcastically talk about austerity and us all being in this together. I can hear them in their mansions, giggle over cocktails as they joke about the "bedroom tax". I can imagine the conversation in their posh clubs, as they discuss how many employees they can take on-board without paying them a penny in wages. Are we waiting to see if they will change and perhaps share their cake with us? We'll have a long wait.

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