Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pipe Dreams.

      Today we are back in Glasgow for our poem, it's from a wee book called Glasgow's McGarrigle, ISBN 1871009014 by Fat Cat Publications. It is the work of one of Glasgow poets of the 80's, John McGarrigle, the introduction to the book by Dominic Behan, states;
    "---McGarrigle's work is filled with anger and bitterness. It is bitter without being brittle and angry without self destroying angst. It is conceived in his soul, compressed in his wit and dedicated to what Mayakovsky thought the greatest cause in the world, "The liberation of mankind". He doesn't know about envy or despair but he does know what he has been denied a share of. John McGarrigle's mind lives on hope for the future, love for his fellows and the certain unshakable knowledge that its all gotta change. That's what makes him a great poet."
Pipe Dreams.

another burst pipe
another broken window
sometimes I think I'll scream
but usually end up
lost in a dream
of living in a nice house
quiet and serene
away from the squalor
that I'm living in
but, I'd probably
end up lonely
for my friends and family
and end up
back in Castlemilk
dreaming of a nice house
quiet and serene.

ann arky's home.

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