Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Death Of A Badge!!

      There is a lot of hatred and venom spewing about at the moment and it is directed at Thatcher. So she's dead, what has changed? During the “Thatcher era” communities were devastated, people's lives were torn asunder, youth saw its future shredded and the spectre of poverty and deprivation loomed ever larger. It was an attack on the living standards of the ordinary people. So like I said, what has changed??
      Today we have a bunch of millionaires continuing that same policy, today our education system is being torn apart and offered up to the corporate world, our health service is being handed on a plate to the same big corporate market casino, from these actions, deaths and injuries there will be. This same bunch of parasitical millionaires must also take responsibility for those vulnerable and unfortunate individuals on disability allowance who died shortly after being found “fit for work” by the government funded ATOS. As far as I am aware, to-date that number is in excess of 1,700. Not an unfortunate accident but the result of raw ideological brutality, equally as savage as the “Thatcher era”. We have the “bedroom tax” holding the threat of eviction over thousands of ordinary families. This month the tax rate to the richest in the land was reduced, while social services are being slashed, and today the spectre of poverty and deprivation still looms large over the ordinary people. Like I said, what has changed???
       Shouting, dancing and partying like crazy over the death of a badge, a badge of a system that is still in place, inflicting the same savage injuries on the ordinary people, and gathering pace. Celebrating as if we had won a victory while still mired in the sewage of those same policies. All this hitting out at a symbol, is like lashing out at a punch-bag in the gym, just remember no matter how hard you hit, you are not in the ring, it is not the real fight, the real fight has still to come and it is outside the gym of symbolism. 

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