Friday, 26 April 2013

The Kremlin In George Square.

       After ten years of volunteers, lots of them kids, transforming a piece of waste ground into a garden for all, including the kids, Glasgow City Council has decided, against the wishes of the locals, to destroy this project that adds immensely to the community. They need you support, ten years is a lot of time and effort to be wiped-out by the council.


Help us save the Children's Garden from a Council Takeover

Glasgow City Council have just written to us demanding that by the end of April only 4 days away: we chop down our willow tunnel. That we remove all fruit trees (despite them just coming into blossom)

That Land Services are going to take over two of our lovely raised beds -
despite us having paid for them and all the plants in them.

Please contact your councillor, MSP, newspaper, and anyone else you can
think of - and please please - sign this petition, and get your friends to
sign it. And please come up to the garden this weekend to show your support.

Come and visit the garden this weekend - and show your support

John Hancox
Tel 0778 606 3918

ann arky's home.

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