Saturday, 20 April 2013

The World's Bully.

      The Boston Bombing focuses the mind on what kind of society is America. There is justified horror at this event, but there seems to be a total unawareness of the fact that in countries across the world, this is a regular occurrence and in lots of cases, a direct result of American action.  In the "Land of the Free" it seems to be one killing after another, and it is not a new phenomenon, it goes back a long way. Individuals indulging in mass shootings are more or less a fairly regular occurrence. America, as a state, is undoubtedly the most violent nation on the planet, it is responsible for millions of deaths across the globe. It devastated the whole of South America for generations, you could say that Cuba probably got off lightly as it was not bombed into oblivion.  A state that perpetrates such  continuous violence, on such a wide scale and manages to sell this to its population as the best response, must expect to see that same attitude permeate through the whole of society. This is not denying that there are millions of Americans vehemently opposed the this war-tuned state, but sadly there are millions more who worship that state and see what it does, as always, the only and best response to problems. So why shouldn't they sort out their problems in a similar manner?
      "------This isn't to justify any of this violence. But in a nation that routinely uses violence to settle disputes, is it any wonder that citizens and non-citizens choose that same route? When our President doesn't like what's going on in North Korea he doesn't reach out to discuss the issue, he flies nuclear capable bombers over the peninsula.----"
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