Sunday, 28 April 2013

Occupied Territory.

       The police are an occupying force for maintaining social peace in enemy territory. Where we the ordinary people live is not where the ruling class live. The reason this territory has to be controlled is simply because the system does not work in the interest of the ordinary people, and as social and environmental conditions worsen, the dissatisfaction has to be controlled, less it disrupts the well-being of the ruling class. However the nature of this exploitative system we live under, means that dissatisfaction will always be there among the ordinary people. Today as the ruling class are on a looting and plundering binge, anger among the ordinary people will grow and so will the brutality of the occupying police force.
      Across Europe we are seeing this unrest growing and in unison we are seeing the police brutality also grow. The people of Greece have felt the growth of savage assault on its streets on an almost daily basis as they are bulldozed into poverty and deprivation. Other countries where the “austerity” looting by the ruling class has been harshest the people's anger has been met with the same increase in police brutality.
     Only when we put in place a system that works in the interest of t  he ordinary people, will we see the anger disappear from the streets and the need to be policed by an occupying force become obsolete.
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