Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Thatcherite Era Of The Class War.


    Our babbling brook of bullshit, the media, is in full spate at the moment, gurgling through its foetid channels is the stench of Thatcher. The praises ring loud and clear, they do however allow a little criticism to show its face, just to try to give the impression of balanced journalism. Balanced it is not. What has become known as the “Thatcherite” era, was an era of war, but it is never detailed like war, the deaths and injuries were not noted. In the case of the Belgrano, a ship needlessly torpedoed by a UK submarine, killing 323, many of them young sea cadets, it was detailed. A coal mine was shut, hit by an ideological missile, a town/village dies, the deaths and injuries are not detailed. In the case of the Belgrano, the deaths were more or less instantaneous, in the case of the destroyed coal mine, steel works, shipyard, the deaths and injures took place much more slowly, in some cases over years. But deaths and injures there were, those who fired that ideological missile have blood on their hands.       
     During this “Thatcherite” war era, there were many such ideological missiles fired at towns, villages and cities across the country, the resultant deaths and injuries were never detailed. Deaths from stress, addiction, overdoses, suicide and mental and physical problems, plus destroyed future generations, faced with poverty and long term unemployment, all the direct result of those ideological missiles fired with callous calculating coldness by those who had everything to gain and nothing to lose from the resultant war carnage. The “Thatcherite” era was a bloody era, for the ordinary people of this country, it was an all out war on working class communities and institutions, nowhere was there any gain in it for those casualties of the ideological missiles fired.
       Millions across the country suffered as the financial Mafia pushed ahead with their grand plan, Thatcher was merely the badge that they wore, she was their public face. Today that same grand plan is still being pushed, the rape, plundering and pillage of all public assets, grinding down of the ordinary people, preparing the correct recipe for corporate greed to take control of everything. Yes, spit venom at the image of a woman who symbolised an ideological plan, but she didn't write that plan, she didn't detail the targets, she was just simply put in the driving seat with her satnav already set. Yes she done it with force and pleasure, but remember, she has gone, but the plan is still in place and proceeding at an alarming pace.

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  1. I hear that she has already closed down three furnaces in hell........

  2. As far as I can tell, she has privatised hell and made satan redundant. What's more she has been passed fit for work by ATOS.