Sunday, 14 April 2013

Labour, Making The Cuts Nicer.

       We all know that the ConDems coalition of millionaires, is hell-bent on slashing benefits of the most vulnerable in society, social spending to them is an anathema, Sadly a high proportion of people see the next election as a possible end to this onslaught by voting Labour, (sorry "New Labour") They somehow have formed the mistaken opinion  that the Miliband gang will change this cruel market drive approach to health and welfare. Sadly they will be find that should the well-heeled Miliband mob get their grubby hands on the reins of power, nothing will change. This particular bunch of hypocrites are traveling around preaching how they will continue with all the trimmings of of Osborne's master plan, but make it fair!! How do you take away support from vulnerable people fairly? how do you cut the benefits of those living on or near the poverty line fairly? Thatcher, Cameron, Miliband, it doesn't make any difference, it is not the smile or the personality that matters, it is the system. Only when we start to dismantle, this greed driven system of capitalism, will we see the vulnerable being cared for as their needs dictate and the pain of poverty being removed.

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