Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Snoopers' Charter,

     An Appeal from Liberty to try to stop one of Big Brother's tentacles from reaching further into our private affairs:

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    The Home Secretary wants to store your online data, turning you from citizen to suspect. The Snoopers’ Charter (Communications Data Bill) has been met with criticism at every turn but the Home Office is battling to get it into the Queen’s Speech. The Government is far from unified around the Bill and today it has been reported that the Liberal Democrats may block the bill because of the impacts it would have to our privacy.

Help us stop the Snoopers' Charter
 Now is our opportunity to stop this Bill. Will you help us by e-mailing your MP?
      The Communications Data Bill will impact everyone’s lives and only together can we stop it. It is vital that you tell your MP you will not stand for this threat to our civil liberties. If thousands of Liberty members and supporters write to their MPs we can stop the Snoopers’ Charter. 
     We can’t leave this up to chance. Please visit our website now to e-mail your MP.
     When the Coalition Government was formed, it promised "to end the storage of internet and email records without good reason". Let’s remind them of this. 

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