Wednesday, 17 April 2013

That Elusive Growth Thingy.

      Austerity isn't working for that elusive "growth", across the globe the "experts" keep cutting the expectations of economic growth. So what's their answer? More "structural reforms", in other words, more of the failed austerity. The policies that are devastating the living standards across the world, according to those "experts" have to be re-doubled. Corporate growth means more than the wellbeing of people, screw a generation or two, as long as our failed and unjust economic system survives. Wage increases in the UK for the last year were running at an average of 0.8%, while inflation is steady at 2.8%, in real terms, that's a massive wage cut. Wage cuts are only part of the question, thousands of working people are paid so low that they have to rely on benefits of one kind or another, and with benefit cuts coming into play, poverty's cruel hand is grabbing the coattails of more and more individuals and families.
       Falling wages, slashed benefit cuts and rising unemployment, all, so we are told, necessary, for what? Necessary for the survival of an economic system that will never see to the needs of the ordinary people. Necessary for the survival of a system that pampers parasites. The world is not short of resources, we have enough to see to the needs of all on this planet. Warehouses are full of food and other necessities of live. We don't, not because we don't know how to go about it, nor is it because we don't want to see to the needs of all. No, its because the rich and wealth, through their political puppets, forbid such actions to take place without there being a profit in it for them. In the corporate world, life is cheap, but commodities are expensive.
 "--------Summarising the latest set of global data, leading economics professor Eswar Prasad says: “The global economic recovery remains stuck below takeoff speed, unable to achieve liftoff and facing the risk of stalling.”          
        Prasad’s warning that “politicians around the world continue to avoid tough structural reforms, instead relying on central banks to continue propping up growth”, implies a redoubling of the assault on living standards that has produced 60% unemployment among young people in Greece and Spain."
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