Tuesday, 30 April 2013

State Kidnappings.

      Two kidnappings in the middle of the night, two citizens pulled from their beds and surreptitiously dragged to a police station away from their homes. Actions of some dictatorial regime in some far off place? No, this is "democratic"  Europe, this is the normal state response to resistance to their policies, this is Greece. It could be Spain, Italy, UK, or any European country, they are all in the same big financial Mafia club. They will meet resistance with any force they feel is necessary, to carry through the corporatisation of the whole continent.

Athens IMC collective
     * Translators’ note: In the early hours of April 10th, 2013, two fighters of the struggle against the gold mines in Halkidiki were kidnapped by the EKAM special police force from their homes in the town of Ierissos (located near the forest of Skouries). Hooded cops literally broke into their homes in the middle of the night, while they were sleeping with their families. Meanwhile, the local police station had been abandoned in fear of retaliation by the residents. Indeed, villagers of Ierissos stormed the police station and burned everything inside, as a first enraged response to the repressive operation. They also set up blockades in the area. Until the 14th of April, the two arrestees were held in the Thessaloniki police headquarters. On that day, prosecutors ordered the pretrial incarceration of both fighters on grave felony charges in connection to an incendiary attack on the Skouries mining site in mid-February 2013.
      The river will not flow back! No matter how hard they try to reestablish the 1967 junta, we will not allow that to happen!

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