Friday, 12 April 2013

Stifling The Voice Of The People.

      While the Greek state continues to carry out the dictate of the financial Mafia, it is also tasked with another, in their eyes, necessary duty, to stifle any resistance to this rape and plunder of the Greek people and their assets. The more the people struggle for alternative and more community based modes of existence, the harder the fist of state repression strikes. As well as longstanding squats across Greece being evicted, there is now another attempt to close down the people's voice of communication. One of the means by which the ordinary people of Greece communicate and co-ordinate their struggle against the policies of poverty and deprivation is through Indymedia Athens and the longstanding, Radio 98fm. Once again they are under attack. The state needs a monopoly of the means of communication, to pump out its propaganda and drown the voice of resistance. A people who can't communicate are a divide and fragmented people, much easier to subjugate and control. It is of the utmost importance that the ordinary people protect, maintain and  grow their own means of communication.

Indymedia Athens and Radio 98fm under attack

      On Thursday 11 April the Greek extreme right wing government shut down Athens Indymedia and radio station 98fm.
Solidarity to Athens Indymedia and 98 fm.
     Urgent call for a protest tomorrow, Friday 12th of April, 13:00, in the central square of Polytechnioupoli, Zografou.
Means of transport busses 608 & 242
Requesting to spread this call!!
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