Thursday, 30 April 2015

Imperialism And The Resultant Refugees.

        The outpouring by the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, on the refugee situation in the Mediterranean, does the usual thing, poor refugees, we do our best, but these people smugglers are evil and we must deal with them harshly. We seldom hear of the main cause of this mass movement of people. Are we to believe that these evil people smugglers go around kidnapping people and shipping them out to Europe against their will? Or is there another reason for this humanitarian crisis? Why are there masses of people looking for any means available to escape the tragedy that is most of Africa today. A look at what has become of North Africa, the whole of the Middle East, and Afghanistan, and try to deny that Western foreign policy has not a very large part to play in the making of this crisis.
     We have destroyed the infrastructure of these countries for nothing more than wealth and power, we have walked away and left the people in dire poverty and ruins, and unleashed a landscape of warlords, and faction fighting. We then spend billions of Euros doing our damnedest to keep those same people out of our slice of the cake, a cake made with the help of their resources. Imperialism is alive and well today, power blocks take what resources they want from other countries. Just as the British Empire raped and pillaged its way across the planet under the Union flag, today the process of imperialism continues, under the banner of “Western democracy”.
 ------Refugees are pushed out of their home countries by pillaging neocolonial economy, conflicts fuelled by the seller of weapons, environmental disasters included in the cost of the European wealth, and finally imperialist invasions, and often have no choice but to flee in the direction of ‘European paradise’. The increasing stratification, hunger, poverty and fear motivate them to walk through deserts, passing oceans, and clinging to aircraft wheels, often submitting themselves under organized smugglers mafias. Frontex’ activities only add more kilometers and obstacles; without breaking Europe’s hegemony and its neo-colonial policies the determination, which families and sometimes entire villages rely on, of those people will never be reduced.
Usually tragedies are happening far away from the eyes of Europeans, but their scale, with an increase in the number of refugees (eg related to the events of the Arab Spring, the massacre of Afghanistan, the Syrian and Ukrainian war), had grown so much that it is impossible to keep ignoring them. Mass drowning off the coast of Italy and assaults on the borders of Ceuta and Melilla, death on the Evros minefields and barbed wire of the Bulgarian border are just a few examples of the tragedied, which become increasingly larger and more frequent as the social crisis in neighboring countries deepens. The crisis, which often is the result of European foreign policy, economic colonization or direct military intervention.--------
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