Friday, 1 January 2016

A Communal New Year's Resolution.

        The start of a another year, so let us, the ordinary people resolve to bring together all our dreams. Make this year the rising of all the downtrodden, deprived, exploited, poor, employed, unemployed, the victims of wars, all those who crave justice, all those victimised, all those who desire freedom, let this army join the utopians, poets, and dreamers and smash this corrupt capitalist morality. Let us create a new morality, one of sharing, justice, freedom and equality. Let us silence the politicians and give voice to the poets, let us gag the economists, and listen to the dreamers, let us start building that utopia that resides in all our hearts. Let us begin to build that world we would be proud to let our grand-children inherit.
        We are on the brink of the point of no return, with corruption world wide, powerful and organised, the environment being drowned in corporate sewage, creating dramatic climatic changes that make more and more of our planet uninhabitable. The choice is ours, we can allow this to continue leaving a legacy of poverty, devastation and disaster to our grand-children, or we can stand up, come together in global solidarity, and end this capitalist rape of our planet. Time is not on our side, the sands of time are already running, and we can't turn the egg timer over for another shot.

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  1. The time has come for the brotherhood or the destruction of all life on Earth. Nothing is more urgent, and it is in our hands to make the world a common home or a hellish tomb.