Thursday, 21 January 2016

It's Going Down.

         There is no doubt that capitalism is destroying the earth, turning into a planet that can't support civilised human life. A depressing statement, but is there anybody out there that can see the future blossoming into a world fit for all, under the present economic system? Save humanity, kill capitalism, save the planet, kill capitalism, I don't see any alternative. The time may never be better to bring an end to capitalism, as at present it is facing major crisis after major crisis, it lurches from disaster to an emergency situation, the world's debt keeps spiralling into the stratosphere, though poverty runs ragged over the world, production keeps producing more than people can buy. If it were a beast, it would be humane to put it out of its misery. Only then will the ordinary people of this world be able to bathe in the warmth and light of justice and freedom.
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