Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A Brick Has Fallen From Our Wall.

        It is always sad when an old warrior for the people passes away. It is as if a strong brick has fallen out of our wall of resistance and we hope we can find one just as strong to fill the gap. Such a brick fell from our wall last Monday evening, 25th January, when Les Foster died in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, aged 96. He lead a life of struggle for the ordinary people of Glasgow and further afield. Needless to say, he will be sadly missed. 
Received this from Les's friend James Kelman:
Maybe Euan mentioned it. Just letting you know that old Leslie Forster died Monday evening, at the age of 96.  He's an important figure although perhaps little known. He was a close friend of Hugh Savage and Harry McShane, personally acquainted with Guy Aldred, knew Helen Crawfurd, Matt McGinn and so many others during a lifetime’s commitment. He led the Merrylee Housing struggle in 1951 [Guy Aldred printed 30,000 leaflets for them and when the committee went skint Guy said Ach well it's a good cause, and wrote it off.]  and was involved in various other stuff, helped produce works on the 1911 Clydebank Singer Strike, a history of the NUR. He wrote the Introduction for the reprinted 3 Days that Shook Edinburgh!  Harry McShane's pamphlet]. He wrote [with Hugh Savage] a life of Willie Nairn from Brechin [All for the Cause] who was an influence on John Maclean. His own autobiography was Rocking the Boat. He was one of the wee group who caused ructions in the early 1950s when they resigned the CP and went ahead in their own way. He was talking football, books, art, politics, music, gossip, memories and whatever else, right up until the last.  He was 96 years old, into his 97th. A Maryhill Juniors regular when fit, you saw him there with me!
His funeral is this Monday coming [ist Feb]  10.30am at  Maryhill Crematorium. I'd appreciate it if you could share this information.
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  1. As we say in our country:
    Let the earth be mild with him, and the memory long and faithful. Farewell comrade.