Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Kobane Liberated, One Year Ago Today.

        On this day, January, 26th., 2015, the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane was liberated by its defence forces, after having been under attack from ISIS for 134 days.
This by ROAR Collective
       During its four and a half months of resistance against the jihadist juggernaut of the so-called Islamic State, the small town of Kobane on the Syrian-Turkish border gained international fame as a bulwark of freedom, equality and democracy. The seemingly hopeless fight of the poorly equipped defenders of the city made up primarily of the local Peoples’ and Women’s Defense Forces (YPG and YPJ) became a contemporary saga of the universal struggle of good versus evil.
      What made the battle for Kobane unique was not only the refusal of its people to hand over their home town to the jihadists and their determination to continue the resistance against all odds. What truly triggered the collective imagination of observers of this heroic battle were the revolutionary ideas the town’s defenders were fighting for. As protectors of the birthplace of the Rojava revolution, what motivated the resistance fighters to continue their struggle were the revolution’s core values based upon the ideals of gender equality, direct democracy and ecological sustainability.
        The successful liberation of Kobane one year ago not only proved to the world that the Islamic State could be beaten, it also confirmed that a different world is possible, free of hierarchy and oppression, capitalist exploitation and imperialist aspirations. The battle for Kobane and the Rojava revolution have triggered hopes that the same region that was home to the birth of civilization thousands of years ago, could now once again provide the fertile soil for the creation of a new society.
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