Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Planet, Or A Concrete And Tarmac Market Place?

         Zad is a huge development that will devastate a vast tract of land around Nantes. It involves building a large airport, and the roads and hotel infrastructure that goes with such a project, it also involves enlarging the port at Saint-Nazaire with all the maze of warehouses, roads and motorways that would be require. This project is massive and will evict people and cause devastation to a vast tract of the environment. It is another example of the march of destructive capitalism, of the concrete and tarmac tsunami that is turning our planet into a concrete and tarmac market place for the corporations.
Afternoon/evening of support to the ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes
Film, snacks, literature, discussion, pizza, bar, concert. Notre Dame of struggles, 15 Rue Abélard, Lille, Metro: Porte d’Arras
January 9th 2016 from 3pm at La Ferblanterie
Excerpt: For a few months the government has announced its wish, to resume airport works involving the eviction of its inhabitants; destruction of the grove, its cultures and protected species. This is why, following a ZAD call-out to re-establish support committees throughout France, around forty people gathered in Lille on November 25th 2015 to sketch out a new committee.
Program of festivity:
3pm: Film screening of “The battle of black water”.
A film tracing a struggle against a dam project in Couvin, Belgium, notably posing the question of political violence, the compositions during a fight, and finding inventiveness.
4:30pm: Snacks
5:30pm: “Building the ZAD” short film to introduce the discussion after.
It was made by people from the ZAD that in particular shows the different experiences of food and political autonomy.
6pm: Discussion with the presence of people from the ZAD of NDDL
7:30-8pm: Pizza party! / Bar
Read interviews of people struggling on the ZAD or at Notav made ​​by the “Bad Troops” collective.
9pm: Concert:
Comète Normale, Free Jazz
Liberated price except the bar beer
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