Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Internationalists With A Hatred Of Nations.

        Anarchists are individuals, anarchists are internationalists, internationalist that drive towards the obliteration of nations. Just as we see no boundaries to our solidarity, we see no borders between patches of soil on the planet, we are blind to ethnicity, the only category we desire is comrade. We are people on a planet that belongs equally to us all. There can be no nobler dream, than to see all, as free as we wish ourselves to be. It is to that end anarchists strive.

This from Insurrection News:

       From the movement in solidarity with Sacco and Vanzetti when sabotage were realized, among others, by the anarchist circles close to the journal Culmine to the sabotage actions in solidarity with the hunger strikes of the Greek comrades, from the coordination and support between comrades of the United States and Mexico to organize and propagate the insurrectional upheavals of 1910 – including the support to comrades on the run or in prison – to pamphlets in solidarity with the comrades of the 5E-M in Mexico, anarchism has showed clearly that there exist no borders for solidarity and coordination, that is to say, for the struggle itself. From comrades in Norway or Finland, countries where social pacification is strongly spread to comrades in Turkey, Syria or the Arab countries which are since years finding them-selves in a logic of all out war, we anarchists are not going to create social or ethnic categorizations, neither are we going to reproduce those categorizations that the capitalist system has created to divide. We are not going to treat comrades as little bourgeois due to the fact that they are born in a place different than ours, just as we are not going to discriminate (“positively” moreover!) others who are born in much more catastrophic and rotten places than where we are living.
       It is clear that each place has its own characteristics that in a certain way define the conditions of the struggle and that the insurrectional project has to be adapted to this characteristics, but even as such the anarchist struggle does not only correspond to local outlines of struggle. On the contrary: the struggle tries to be global reality of attack against State and Capital. As such, anarchy is far away from leftist realism, that left realism which incites passivity, waiting, reformism and kills all dreams and desires for a life of quality through the speech of what is possible and what can be done based on “the reality we are living”.
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