Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Labour Rights Activists Arrested.

An appeal from Labour Start  
        Nearly 5,000 trade unionists have already sent off protest messages - will you join them?  Please share it with others. Thank you.
       Dozens of labour rights activists in China have been arrested and need our help right now.
      Since early December, the authorities in the southern province of Guangdong have carried out a coordinated and wide-ranging crackdown on labour rights activists and labour organizations.
      More than 25 people from at least four labour organizations have been taken away and questioned by the police. At least seven of them have been criminally detained.
     The police have continued to harass and intimidate the family members and friends of the detained activists and prevented them from giving media interviews.
     The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions and Globalization Monitor have launched a campaign on LabourStart calling on the Chinese authorities to release the activists and to stop suppressing labour organizations.
       We need your support today - please click here to add your name to the online campaign:

Thank you -- and have a great new year!

Eric Lee 
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