Tuesday, 19 January 2016

An Important Date For Your Diary, January 26.

         Another call from North Kelvin Meadow for solidarity on Tuesday, 26th. January. This is a very important day for the Meadow, and the residents of the area, indeed for Glasgow. On that day, the men in suits are coming out of their corridors of power at the Kremlin in George Square, to view the meadow, to see how best they can carve it up, to hand to their corporate friends, the developers. Year by year community green spaces disappear from our city, to be replaced by business premises or houses that the locals can't afford. So bit by bit all public assets vanish into the clutches of the corporate world. The city without its green spaces is a tarmac privately owned market square, where you have access by their permission, permission that they can withdraw at any time. We must always defend what green spaces we have within the city, not just as public assets, but for the quality of life, for the health and well-being of our kids, and future generations.
North Kelvin Meadow
         Please come out to show support when the Council's Planning Committee come to make a site visit at *approx 9.45am on Tuesday 26th January 2016* . They will come and leave by bus, parking at the Kelbourne street entrance to the land.
        *Also please come to a demo straight after, outside the City Chambers on George Square as the Planning Committee meet inside at 11.30am* to discuss whether the land be sold off to New City Vision Ltd to build 90 houses. They will also decide on The Children Wood Group's planning
application which is wanting to keep the land as it is, a wild green space for community use.
        Ian Black will be making the presentation at the hearing on behalf of North Kelvin Meadow. Ian lives on Sanda Street and was actually the person who organised the original planting of trees and grass back in 1994. The wood and meadow we see today comes from that initial seed source. They were spurned on to do that by the Council taking away the goal posts in 1993 as they didn't want to maintain it as a sports pitch.
       Needless to say this is a crucial time for the land and its future. We feel over this last 8 years in particular (North Kelvin Meadow started in Oct 2008) we've made a very strong case for the land to remain as it is and not get destoyed. Council and Government policy backs that up but alas sometimes Councils don't follow their own policy!
       Thats why we need you out that morning, to show your support so we win this planning committee vote. There will be A3 posters given out on the day for you to hold up should you wish.

Douglas Peacock

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