Sunday, 24 January 2016

Kick The Military Out Of Our Schools.

Does the kid know that if he joins, he'll be facing the other end of the gun?
MSPs are being urged to hold an inquiry into the presence of the armed forces in Scotland’s schools after an outcry over plans to set up cadet units aimed at the poorest pupils.
        Why the outcry for an inquiry? It is really quite simply, there should be an outright ban on the military having any presence in our schools. Whither they call it team building or physical training, or whatever, there can be no connection between the military and education. We all know that children are impressionable, it takes years to come to informed opinions about the world in which we live. Let education, families and communities help our children do so, without the interference of the pompous parasitical imperialist masters. To a child, the military might look all very grand as they parade up and down in their fancy regalia, but they are the state's killing machine. Its only purpose is to defend the wealth and power of our imperialist establishment.
         It is up to all of us in our communities to get the military kicked out of our education system, we have to make it quite clear by determined action, that we will not have our children brainwashed into being canon fodder, to be sacrificed on the bloody altar of imperialism. The military is an anathema to education, education is about helping people act of their own free will after an informed look at the evidence, the military is about doing exactly what your are told, no matter what you think. One, education, should take you down the road to free will, the other, the military, turns you into a robot, waiting for instructions from above, a slave to authority, a unit whose live can be sacrificed at the command of a “higher authority”.
        This is a campaign that epitomises the class structure of our society, these “cadet units” are to be placed in the schools in the most deprived areas. Areas where our callous authoritarian imperial masters, know that the kids have less opportunities, and the military will be sold to them as a wonderful life of travel and training, there will be no mention of the death, trauma, injury, suicide, bullying, brutality and abandoning your own will, to the will of the state's killing machine, in the defence of other's wealth and power, wealth and power that they themselves will never share.

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