Monday, 18 January 2016

Polite, Well Dressed, Enemies Of Freedom.

        I don't know about others, but I can't quite get my head round  those who seem to think they have the right to tell other people what and what they can, and can't do, with their body. One type of individual that really screws my mind is the male, who decides he has the right to tell a woman, what control, or lack of control, she has over her body. John Deigan is such a man, he is CEO of SPUC, Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child, his previous position was The Parliamentary Officer for the Bishops' Conference of Scotland. Therefore, we are to assume that he got the details of his mission from that male chauvinist guy in the sky. So John is a holy Joe, a devout Catholic, a man of God, this, he believes gives him the right to control the lives of others who may, or may not, share his beliefs. He has made the statement, "There is no evidence that abortion has ever saved one woman’s life and we’ve now had 8.2 million of them in the UK." His ultimate position is: "There is never any reason for an abortion."  This, in my book, puts him in the category of a dangerous authoritarian control freak. 
        John's SPUC, is one of a coalition of religious fundamentalist groups, behind the Don't Stop A Beating Heart campaign, who are banding together to push harder for turning the clock back to the days when abortions were band outright, where the fundamentalist Catholic church view is law. These people are dangerous, the have the wealth of the church behind them, they worm their way into positions of influence and authority, they are the enemies of democracy and freedom of choice. No gods, no masters.
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  1. The Crown has never been the King or Queen of England since the establishment of this corporate body. The Crown is the directorate of the corporation. The island of Britain is a financial oligarchy run by the "Crown" which refers to the "City of London," not the Queen.

    The City is run by the Bank of England, a "private" corporation.

  2. Ungovernable ; A tour by the anarchist Catalonia of the 21st century.

  3. Even although I don't understand Spanish, (my regret)the images tell their story. It is all there, the inequality, the oppression and the undying resistance of the people.