Friday, 29 January 2016

There's Healthy Fun In Mud.

           The North Kelvin Meadow's struggle is still very much on, in spite of the last two rallies for support being hit by Scotland's unpredictable weather.  There was a call out for support on Saturday 16th. January, as luck would have it, that was the Saturday that we had the worst snowfall of the year. In spite of dreadful weather the rally was well supported, showing the strength of feeling in support for this struggle. The next rallying call went out for Tuesday January 26th., the day the cabal from the Kremlin in George Square were coming to cast their cash register eyes over the meadow, to see if it should become a tarmac property developers cash machine, or remain a wonderful community asset for the local community, and further afield. Again the Scottish weather hit them, that Tuesday it was torrential rain, but still the crowds came. The kids proved once and for all, that there is fun in mud, it was a tremendous turn out, proving that the Kelvin Meadow is not just a summer picnic place, but wonderful magical place where kids and adults alike can come together and enrich our communities. This must remain a slice of wonderful natural countryside in the midst of our city, a rich community asset, where our kids can learn and grow, in a healthy and fun atmosphere. Far from thinking of destroying this gem, our paid servants sitting in the Kremlin in George Square should be looking at ways to increase this sort of environment within our city.

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