Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Social Care And Money!!!

         It looks good when legislation is put in place to see that people in need of social care receive that care. Everybody applauds, and we change the subject, moving on to the next problem. However in this money based society, the problem hasn't been solved. It has come to light that people assessed as in need of social care don't always receive that care. In this dehumanised capitalist society assessing and delivering are to totally unrelated aspects of the problem.
      Figures received after a Freedom of Information request show that in Scotland last year 270 people assessed as in need of care, died before receiving that care. The figures also revealed that in some cases those deemed to be in need of care, had to wait over a year for that care to begin. Another shocking revelation has been that in a single week last year, more than 12,000 hours of approved social care was never delivered. Imagine the individual suffering these figures portray.
      The failing of course is not due to the lack of humanity in those trying to provide that care. Those at the front-line of delivering that assessed care, are a dedicated and caring group of people, the root of the problem is the lack of money. Not that we are a poor country, the UK as a whole, can find billions to bomb Syria, billions to maintain and renew Trident, billions to upgrade that symbol of British imperialism, the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption. We are a very wealthy country, it just that to the powers that be, caring for the ill, the infirm and elderly is not a priority. 
      Sadly the problem will persist as long as the capitalist system we live under persists. Until we bring about the demise of capitalism and replace it with a system that has the need of its people as the fundamental base of society, the sick, the elderly, the poor, the infirm, the disadvantaged, will have to continue to scramble for some of the crumbs that fall from the parasites table. 
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