Monday, 11 January 2016

Nuclear Weapons Passing By Your Homes.


         Warwickshire is a fairly long way from the Clyde, lots of roads winding they way through towns and villages. No doubt the people living along this route sleep easy at night, unaware that rolling slowly past their humble abode are convoys of deadly weapons of mass destruction. Convoys of nuclear weapons for the trident submarines based on the Clyde at Faslane, trundling past homes, schools, and hospitals, unannounced, escorted by police and armed marines. The state doesn't give a monkeys about your opinion on this matter. Your concerns will not be considered, you will not be informed. Some of the deadliest nuclear weapons in the world, being carted the length and breadth of our land, with all the inherent dangers of an accident, and you have no say in the matter. They call it democracy.

       January 9th. 2016, nuclear weapons convoy in Warwickshire transporting Trident nuclear weapons between the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire and HM Naval Base Clyde.
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  1. Sometimes I hear those dark metallic birds flying above the place where I live. Its noise is different from other aircraft, is a menacing buzz, is the husky voice of death in search of his victim.