Thursday, 14 January 2016

We Will Never Forget.

Guernica after the Nazi bombing April 23rd.1937.
      Still on the subject of the Spanish Civil war, I thought this was worth re-posting, from comrade Loam at arrezafe.
Guernica by Pablo Picasso

       This is a blog that anyone who wants to know about the Spanish Civil War should visit. Its title is very significant: All Faces. In it, we can find plenty of written and graphic information. Of course it is not written in English, but the eloquence of the images coupled with the help of Google translator can approach the reader to the historical reality of this horrible episode.

We will never forget. We will never forgive. Death to fascism!
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  1. "It is shameful there are still 120,000 bodies in mass graves, and Spain can’t go anywhere until this problem is resolved.

    I think they don’t want us to know the dimension of the holocaust there was in Spain.

    Nobody is looking for revenge, but for justice; many people are now dying in anguish for not knowing where their grandfather is buried". Ian Gibson

    The Spanish people will never forget the men and women who fought against fascism here. This song is a tribute to the 15th International Brigade. We still mourn their deaths, we are still defending the cry for freedom that we defended together.
    For their memory!