Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Ceaseless March Of Corporatism.

        An appeal from Global Justice Now, or should we take this as a warning, if we don't stop the march of corporatism in its tracks. 
       Next week, the Scottish Parliament will be discussing TTIP’s little brother CETA, the Canada-EU trade deal that includes all the same worrying things that TTIP does.
       If CETA is passed it could threaten public services in Scotland, the moratorium on fracking, and some of Scotland’s most iconic produce, such as Stornoway Black Pudding and the Arbroath Smokie.
       So, we’ve teamed up with 38 Degrees to run a petition calling on the Scottish Government to oppose CETA.  Click here to sign the petition.  And if you’re in or near Edinburgh on Thursday morning, please join us at 11.15am outside the Scottish Parliament to hand in the petition.
         CETA, like TTIP, will hand power from democratically elected governments to big business.  And CETA is due to be passed this year, ahead of TTIP.  Help us stop CETA.

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P.S. You can read more about CETA and its impacts on Scotland here
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