Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Battle We Can Win, With Solidarity.

       A reminder call for solidarity from North Kelvin Meadow, a chance to stand up and make our desires a reality. We want a green and health city, we want our kids to have a place for play and have healthy adventures. It might not be your area, but it is your city and your area could be next for the tarmac profit making treatment. It is your city, what do you want, tarmac or trees?
From Bob at citystrolls:

       Big day for the Meadows project. Winning this would send a clear message to gentrifiers as well as struggling growing spaces all over the city. That, land has a social value that's returns are of much more value to the human spirit and well being of the community than the barren profits of estate agents and banks. If this project disappears into red brick, not only will we lose a colourful part of our culture, it will also make it much more difficult for the next wee group who comes along and attempts to plant the seed in the wee bit of green stuff at the end of their street. Opportunity for solidarity here folks. We need to start winning these battles, because we are right and the council are usually wrong in these matters, which has been proven time after time after time. B.

 *North Kelvin Meadow and The Children's Wood*
Save the Meadow and Wood

*Where? *North Kelvin Meadow and The Children's Wood.
*When?* 9:15 am
*After?* George Square
*When? *11 am

Glasgow City Council Planning committee will visit the meadow and wood on the 26th of January, at 9:15am, they will then make a decision on both The Children's Wood application to keep the land 'wild and for the community' and the New City Vision application to' build 90 residences on the land ' It is important that as many people are on the land as possible for this visit.

Please meet on NKM and CW at 9:15am for the committee visit. Bring your banners with you and as many people as possible. Please state which school, group or organisation you are from so that the committee can get a feel for the level of support and use of the land.

After the site visit, we will then travel to the city chamber for 11am by bus - or make your own way as before - to be outside the City Chambers for when the committee make a decision on both applications. Please join us for as much of this day as possible. If you can only come to part of it, please try to make the meadow and wood for 9:15am

This will be our only chance to show the planning committee the land and how valued and loved the space is to this community and that we have a plan for it's future.

*Date:* 26th January 2016
*Time*: 9:15am North Kelvin Meadow
*11am: George Square
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  2. "Nobody living can ever stop me,
    As I go walking that freedom highway;
    Nobody living can ever make me turn back
    This land was made for you and me."

    Woody Guthrie