Monday, 4 January 2016

Trans Prisoner Day Of Action.

       In the type of society we live under injustice wears many masks, and in lots of cases the laws of this unjust system exacerbate that injustice. All prisons are an injustice, but to certain people the injustice of prison is multiplied many times because of the fact that they don't fit the pattern of the societies perceived "normal". Among those who suffer in this way are trans-gender individuals, who already face many problems in this society, but prison can turn what can be a very difficult life, into an unbearable nightmare.
From Contra Info:

       January 22nd 2016 will be the first annual Trans Prisoner Day of Action: an international day of action in solidarity with trans prisoners. This project was first imagined by Marius Mason, a trans anarchist prisoner in Texas, USA. Since then, through his friends and supporters, an international collective of people both inside and outside of prison walls have come together to make this day a reality. A preliminary list of trans prisoners can be found here.
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      “As Queers, we know the terror of scrutiny, disgust and isolation; we have all been denied the ability to live the way we want by society for at least some portion of our lives. For trans and gay people in prison, those problems are doubled by the physical and emotional restraints of a literal cage. For decades, early queer activists showed active solidarity and support for their imprisoned brothers and sisters — they wrote letters, had marches and demanded not just that they be treated with respect and dignity, but their total and unconditional release. Gay and trans prisoners organized with each other and the outside world.” – Call-out from Marius and friends.
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