Monday, 25 January 2016

Israel's Cull Of The Palestinian People.

         Is there anybody out there with two or more brain cells who can't see the Israel state's brutal genocide of the Palestinian people and savage illegal land grab of the Palestinian lands? For generations Palestinians have been viciously culled by the Zionist military machine, funded by their friends the American imperialists. For generations the Palestinian people have seen their land stolen, their country diminish in size, and their homes and farms destroyed, turned to rubble or occupied. Yet the world's states ignore this brutal genocide of a people, Why? If we want this situation to change, and I'm sure every caring human on the planet does, then it will be up to the solidarity of the people of the world, change will not come from the power brokers of the imperialist states. Like all terrible injustices, it is the people that forces the change, the plight of the Palestinian people is no different, it is up to us, the states have played their game, and the horror continues.
       Over three months have passed since the killing of his son Bahaa, but Muhammad Alayan has not been able to experience any of them. The 60-year-old lawyer has been too immersed in the struggle to recover the body of his slain son to actually contemplate his loss.
      “More than a hundred days have gone and I couldn’t sit with my wife and three (remaining) children at one table together and realize that there is an empty chair no longer occupied by Bahaa,” Muhammad Alayan told me. “We have had no time to discuss his absence because our entire lives have revolved around getting him back.”
     Parents whose children’s bodies or remains are detained by Israel, either in morgues or in the infamous “cemeteries of numbers” (where the remains of at least 268 Palestinian combatants have been buried for decades in closed military zones) wait to receive their bodies as if they were waiting to welcome living people after their release from their prisons.------
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